Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movietown's Animal Antics No. 40, 1952

Today we have three stories from one of DC's undervalued funny animal comics, Movietown's Animal Antics. These stories come from No. 40, September-October 1952. The Raccoon Kids (first and third story) is the work of Otto Feuer, who is unfairly nearly forgotten today (make that terribly unfairly). The middle story featuring Doodles Duck is by Sheldon Mayer, who is better remembered today than his fellow DC funny animal artists.

The last two pages of this post are a couple of nifty ads from the same issue. I love that in-house promotional ad with the man of steel helping to sell DC's funny animal line!

For those that prefer a download of these stories, click HERE!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Everett Raymond Kinstler in Four Color!

Today, Everett Raymond Kinstler is best known as a premier American portrait artist, having painted everyone from President Gerald Ford to Tony Bennett. He began, though, in comics; and his work in our beloved medium was glorious. Typical is this 1954 offering from Four Color No. 511. Kinstler's comic book work has a spectacular, organic dynamism - and jeepers what layouts! The great Gaylord Du Bois provides the writing in "Outlaw Trail"

If you prefer to download this great story, just click HERE!

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