Monday, May 31, 2010

In "Search for Inka Dinka Doo Land"

The Jack Bradbury Index (Comic Art of Jack Bradbury), confirms that Beany and Cecil creator, Bob Clampett, specifically requested that Jack Bradbury do the art for a series of Dell B&C comics in the early 1950s (thanks, Joel!). Bradbury, of course, responded with the master's touch.

The same Bradbury index reports Clampett wrote this story, but the Grand Comic Book Database (GCD) gives the nod to Don R. Christensen. Either way, the story moves along smooth as silk with brilliant wordplay reading like a child's book of rhymes. This is from Four Color No. 477, June 1953.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HOWIE POST: Hot Stuff and Spooky!

Howie Post passed away May 21st. His work is so cool and funny; so confident, loose, and perfectly free. If I am feeling unhappy, a Howie Post story will always guide me toward sunshine. For that, you gotta love a guy and remember him always. The following Hot Stuff and Spooky stories shine with a pure joy and style that was uniquely Post.

The Weird Laughing Mystery is from Hot Stuff, The Little Devil No. 85, August 1968.

Spooky Mets Horatio and The Scary Secret are both from Spooky No. 46, August 1960.

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