Friday, July 25, 2014

Superkatt! - Giggle Comics No. 71, May 1950

Here's is some work from the great Dan Gordon. If I had to pick a single cartoonist to exemplify bigfoot (cartoony) cartooning, I just might choose Dan Gordon. Ok, I would throw into that select group Jack Bradbury, Walt Kelly, Al Hubbard, and Harvey Eisneberg. Oh yes, what about Bob Wickersham, Ken Hultgren, Warren Kremer and . . ." Oh well, suffice to say, Gordon was one of the truly greats. This is from (I think) Giggle Comics No. 71, 1950

Apologies for the unfortunate racial stereotypes portrayed at the end of this story. Hopefully, it won't distract the eye from Gordon's incredible talent. Different times.

Monday, July 14, 2014

"Ride 'Um Hoppy!" Facett's Funny Animals

Here's a forgotten character from the pages of Facett's Funny Animals No. 13, October 1951 - Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. I believe the artist is Chad Grothkopf.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Thassa Joke!" Bob Bolling's Little Archie

Here is a brief six-page story from one of my all time favorite storytellers, Bob Bolling. In this tale of dogs and cats, boys and girls, Bolling achieves perfect pitch and a sweet understanding of human nature. "Thassa joke?" was a Little Archie catch phrase, and Bolling always used it perfectly. This story comes form Little Archie giant Comics No. 13, Winter 1959-60. I've tossed in for good measure a cool ad from the same issue.

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