Friday, March 30, 2012

Two from Coo Coo Comics, 1948

Today we have two great stories from Coo Coo Comics No. 41 - September, 1948. Our first story starring the ever-wonderful Supermouse is by an artist I can't immediately identify. I don't believe it is the work of the usual Soupie artists I'm familiar with (Milt Stein, Al Hubbard, Dan Gordon, Gene Fawcett) but I'll take a shot anyway and say this looks like the work of Chad Grothkopf, creator of Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. Needless to say, my capacity for being wrong is profound and any other thoughts are welcome. Whomever it is, it's gifted bigfoot work.

Our second story has the artwork of Bob Wickersham (Bob Wick); who worked as an animator for Disney, Warners, and Fliescher studios during his career. I find Colonel Punchy and odd character - a penguin with southern confederacy roots. Well, it's a unique concept at any rate!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lou Cameron's Jekyll and Hyde

Today, I am able to kill two birds with one stone or, more accurately and gently put, with this post I can please two pals at the same time!

Recently, pal Bill White (of Bill White Cartoons) mentioned a love of the Classics Illustrated comic books. While at the same time, friend Karswell (of The Horrors Of It All) mentioned a penchant for the horror work of Lou Cameron. Viola! Enjoy, gentlemen!

This post is from Classics Illustrated No. 13, October 1953. The cover painting is by Mort Kunstler while the interior art is by the incomperable Lou Cameron (signed). So many great panels here, but my favorites are the ones detailing life in the Whitechapel and poorer sections of 19th century London. Magnificent stuff.

Oh, and don't forget this author biography page. CI was nothing if not educational!

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