Friday, August 26, 2011

Ken Hultgren's Izzy and Dizzy & Others!

Let's finish off the cream from Ha Ha Comics No. 34, October 1946 with an Izzy and Dizzy story by Ken Hultgren. Mr. Hultgren was an animator for Disney Studios in the 1930s and 40s, working on such classics as Snow White and Bambi. One can really see the Disney cuteness here with this pair of bear cubs.

Next comes a quick two-pager from Lynn Karp, who was another animator for Disney in the early 40s. By the mid to late 40s and into the 1950s, his work for comics became extensive.

I'm not sure who drew and inked this Casey story, but it is a fine example of the extremely high caliber of work done during this Golden Age of Kids' Comics!

I don't know who the artist was for this wonderful story "Crud and the Mud," but I sure wish I did. I have seen his (or her) work in many stories from Ha Ha and Giggle Comics, and have always loved it. Aren't these finely drawn pigs? And, not for nothing, the story serves to remind of a time when comics were aimed at children. This one feels like a fine bed time story.

And finally, I think this is the work of the great Dan Gordon, but if I'm wrong I want to hear about it!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ha Ha Comics No. 34, October 1946,

One good posting (last post) of Al Hubbard certainly deserves another. The first Stalwart Swinburne story is typical of Hubbard's beautiful 40s work. The story was written by Hubert (Hubie) Karp - brother of artist Lynn Karp, of whom we will be seeing some of next post. I'll take a guess that this wonderful cover was done by Ken Hultgren.

For good measure, let's throw in a Daniel Spaniel story written by Jack Cosgriff and illustrated by Bob Wick, another star of the 1940s.

But wait! There's more! This promotion for Cookie on the inside back cover was done (I believe) by the great Dan Gordon of SuperKatt fame.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Scamp & Bongo!

Today let's enjoy the crystal-clear draftsmanship and brushwork of Al Hubbard, displayed in these two stories from Scamp No. 6, June-August 1958. There is an elegance to Hubbard's work that is always lovely to look at.

Again . . . elegance! Hubbard's refined skills shine from this inside front cover.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Andy Panda and the Police Pup!

Let's follow up last post with some more Dan Gormely - this time cartooning an Andy Panda story from Four Color No. 216, February 1949. Kevin Langely of Cartoons, Model Sheets, and Stuff; has commented in a previous post on Gormely's luxurious inking, and I couldn't agree more. His easy, bouncy drawing is pretty swell, too. Page after page of top flight stuff. And, as is always the case with Gormely, what a magnificent cover!

Here come two more of those famous Dell one-color, front and back inside covers!

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