Friday, August 26, 2011

Ken Hultgren's Izzy and Dizzy & Others!

Let's finish off the cream from Ha Ha Comics No. 34, October 1946 with an Izzy and Dizzy story by Ken Hultgren. Mr. Hultgren was an animator for Disney Studios in the 1930s and 40s, working on such classics as Snow White and Bambi. One can really see the Disney cuteness here with this pair of bear cubs.

Next comes a quick two-pager from Lynn Karp, who was another animator for Disney in the early 40s. By the mid to late 40s and into the 1950s, his work for comics became extensive.

I'm not sure who drew and inked this Casey story, but it is a fine example of the extremely high caliber of work done during this Golden Age of Kids' Comics!

I don't know who the artist was for this wonderful story "Crud and the Mud," but I sure wish I did. I have seen his (or her) work in many stories from Ha Ha and Giggle Comics, and have always loved it. Aren't these finely drawn pigs? And, not for nothing, the story serves to remind of a time when comics were aimed at children. This one feels like a fine bed time story.

And finally, I think this is the work of the great Dan Gordon, but if I'm wrong I want to hear about it!


  1. Beautiful stuff, Mykal! I really dig this one. Thanks for taking part of your life off to share this gems. 'Mucho' appreciated, amigo!

  2. So wonderful to hear from you, Gabe! I love sharing this stuff, so the pleasure is all mine.

  3. Good one Mykal! That Grud sure looks like some more fine art by Jack 'E.Z. Duzit' Bradbury, the borders resemble his stuff too!

  4. Dave: I agree, that sure does look like Bradbury, borders and all! I backed off from saying so absolutely, though, as it's not listed in the great Bradbury index (see sidebar), run by the late Mr. Bradbury's son, Joel. Of course, it may be one overlooked.

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your opinion, and you might be right. I believe I'll contact Joel and see if we can settle things!

  5. Dave: Both Joel Bradbury and Dave Bennett (who is a Bradbury collector and expert) says Crud isn't the work Bradbury. Dave supposes it might be Lynn Karp inks over Ken Hultgren pencils, but adds it might have been either of them working alone.

    Thanks for playing, though!

  6. Yup, I checked the boards at Joel's site, which is great by the way. I love Ken Hultgren's art and his wonderful book on animal drawing, which he did in 1950. Thanks for wearing your p.i. hat, Mykal!

  7. Ken Hultgren's, "The Art of Animal Drawing" IS a must-have for those who wants to draw. Truly, a fantastic book!

    I LOVE the art on that "Casey" story! The artist looks vaguely familiar to me, but I can't quite figure out who it is. That pose of him reclining on the couch in the first panel on the first page is great!

    Mykal, I have been reading funny books my entire life, and have never seen a lot of this stuff. WHERE are you finding this?!

  8. Hey, Bill: I'm glad you're enjoying it. All these comics come from my collection. Comics from the 1940s (Ha Ha, Giggle, Coo Coo, Four Color, etc.) are just stuffed with this kind of quality. I just keep my eyes open on eBay, a few online sources, and pick it up as I can. I have enough now in the hopper to post for a long time.

  9. I believe the artist of the "CASEY" story is Gil Turner.

  10. Anonymous: That might very well be. Thanks for giving your thoughts.

  11. Mykal:

    Great post, as usual.

    "Casey" is not by Gil Turner... I believe it's by Harris Steinbrook, yet another unsung hero of funny animal-dom.

    "Grud and the Mud" is 100% Ken Hultgren... Lynn Karp is not involved.


  12. Alberto: Harris Steinbrook! That's a new name on me. I must research and look for more of same! It's really good stuff.

    I loved Dave Bennett's comment over at the Bradbury message board regarding the "Crud" story, where he thinks it might be either Karp or Hultgren working with more care than usual!

    Thanks, as always, Alberto!

  13. I'm sure loving these comics. Izzy and Dizzy are totally adorable, and their comic(with that odd little "winknanny" critter) is hilarious! "Grud and the Mud" has a very nifty sort of Dr. Seuss-esque style to it, and the McScotties are very cool.


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