Monday, July 13, 2015

Al Hubbard in Four Color #389 - April, 1952

Few artists in the history of comics have ever demonstrated such control over gesture, posture, and expression as did the great, Al Hubbard. Judge for yourself! This is from Four Color #389, April, 1952..

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gil Turner in Coo Coo Comics

Gil Turner is best know for his work with Dell in the 1950s doing Disney characters. Here we see some earlier work from the 1940s for Coo Coo Comics. Judging from this, he pretty much had his game down before his move to Dell. This is from Coo Coo Comics, No. 36, 1947.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dan Gordon and Ray Thomson (Double Bubble Ad!)

A quick, two-pager today from Golden Age kids' comics master, Dan Gordon. And also let's love a Double Bubble ad with art work by Ray Thompson. I love Thompson's round, bouncy work - so much like like chewing gum bubbles! I'd love to see a collection of his ad work for Fleer. This is all from Ha Ha Comics no. 91, August-September, 1953.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Richie Rich and Little Lotta!

I love Richie Rich covers. They always feature Richie in some comic and extravagant display of his wealth: using rolled up logs of money for firewood, putting round gems around on a golf course; or (as here) diving into a pool filled with money. Somehow, because it was Richie, these displays seemed joyous but never ostentatious. The artwork for the cover is Warren Kremer's handiwork. The following stories were done (art) by Ernie Colón (Richie Rich) and Sid Couchey (Little Lotta). Oh, and not for nothing, this is the first Little Lotta story to appear on this blog. A terrible omission, one happily rectified here. This is from Richie Rich #75, November, 1968.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Little Archie - "The Big Shot" by Bob Bolling

Bob Bolling has a knack for creating endearing characters and stories without an overdose of sugar sweetness (I say "has a knack" because Mr. Bolling is still producing comics for Archie). A good example of his wonderful stuff follows. Typical of Bolling's fine touch with a character is Mr. Weasel Williams! You gotta love a kid that is proud of a nickname like "Weasel!" "The Big Shot" is from Little Archie Giant Comics No 13, Winter 1969/70.

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