Friday, October 27, 2023

It's Audrey Day at the Big Blog!

Good afternoon, Kids! So nice to visit with you all again!

It’s Playful Little Audrey day at the Bog Blog!

Audrey has always been one of my favorite Harvey Comics characters largely because of her supporting cast of neighborhood friends. First, naturally, was Audrey’s oft-times nemesis, Melvin; closely followed by Echo, Lucritia, and Tiny. In today’s stories we find all four.

These were all strong characters with distinct personalities, all well-drawn, charming, and very real. They acted so much like a gang of kids – sometimes mean and petty, often scheming, yet all underwritten with a pitch-perfect childlike innocence and devotion to one another.

In my humble opinion, Playful Little Audrey (because of the wonderful writing and artwork combined) was perhaps the most consistently funny title of all the Harvey Comics Stable.

Today’s stories feature the artwork of the great Howie Post (who always excelled at drawing funny, endearing characters).

This is all from Playful Little Audrey No.21 (October 1960).

Coming up next, let's go waaay back to 1954 and post some stories from another character from Harvey Comics, the all-but-forgotten Rags Rabbit via the wonderful work of Harvey legend, Marty Taras! I predict you will absolutely love him!

(Ooops -slight update kids! Next post will be a Christmas story from Al Fago! But have no fear! I havn't forgotten my promise regarding the wonderful work of Marty Taras! What a wonderful way to bring in the new year in January! I will see you all again very soon. Until then, I hope you are all warm, safe, and happy!

--Your friend, Mykal

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