Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lou Cameron's Jekyll and Hyde

Today, I am able to kill two birds with one stone or, more accurately and gently put, with this post I can please two pals at the same time!

Recently, pal Bill White (of Bill White Cartoons) mentioned a love of the Classics Illustrated comic books. While at the same time, friend Karswell (of The Horrors Of It All) mentioned a penchant for the horror work of Lou Cameron. Viola! Enjoy, gentlemen!

This post is from Classics Illustrated No. 13, October 1953. The cover painting is by Mort Kunstler while the interior art is by the incomperable Lou Cameron (signed). So many great panels here, but my favorites are the ones detailing life in the Whitechapel and poorer sections of 19th century London. Magnificent stuff.

Oh, and don't forget this author biography page. CI was nothing if not educational!


  1. Cameron's The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine for Classics Illustrated are the definitive versions to me. Nobody came up with better designs for the Martian war machines and the time machine.

  2. Martin: Agreed. Sooner or later, both stories will be here.

  3. I only owned a mere handful of the Classics Illustrated comics, but this is one I still have to this day, Mykal. A treat to see it appreciated.

  4. Jeffie! So nice to hear from you. Yeah, this one just gets better.

  5. Gorgeous scans, Mykal ! Love the splash pages especially. Excellent adaptation of a wonderful classic. Cameron's attention to detail is reminiscent of Bill Everett or Bob Powell; great to see his work in the spotlight again !

  6. Lysdexicuss: Thanks, pal! Yes! Detail!

  7. Cameron rules (of course!) and this story is a perfect example. Thanks for posting chum!

  8. My pleasure, Karswell. I love CI, and how I know Cameron is primarily through his astounding work for Classics Illustrated. His concepts in CI's War of the Worlds is one of the all time best issues of the series, as well as being a kind of cultural sci-fi touchstone for many fans. I really want to get that up here one of these days.

  9. Thanks for the mention, Mykal. Always happy to inspire posts as great as this.

    I had forgotten all about this one. Absolutely stunning. Until I was researching the CI version of "The War of the Worlds" recently, I knew nothing of Lou Cameron, although I had obviously seen his work many times. What a fantastic artist. I have no idea if his period reference is accurate, but it sure looks authentic to me.

    I still think his work on "TWOTW" is his best, though. Get that up soon Mykal! I have a copy, but it needs to be seen by all!

  10. I will get War of the Worlds up ASAP! I always get a very good reaction to any Classics Illustrated post. I think even though the series is sometimes unappreciated, all comic book fans hold a very warm place in their hearts for the series at the very least.

    Of course, the series was filled with stunning artwork, and the more you delve into the series, the more you find.

    About historically accurate detail, rest assured - if it appeared in CI, the backgrounds, dress, weapons, everything - was totally accurate. The series during the era that this issue comes from had an editorial staff that was extremely demanding about these kind of details. The editors had an exceptionable high standard about that.

  11. Hi Mykal!

    Love Cameron's art...

    But where did you get the William Kunstler cover art credit? The only cover artist named Kunstler I know is Mort Kunstler...


  12. Alberto: When your good, your good! It is Mort Kunstler (not William), my friend. I got the credit from William B. Jones' wonderful Classics Illustrated, A Cultural History, 2nd Edition, which is the finest work on the topic available! Do you know this work? Amazing piece of work with outstanding indexes. Of course, Mr. Jones gives credit correctly to Mort Kunstler. I just was working in haste and typed the wrong first name. Lazy on me!

    Thanks, Alberto. I'll make the correction up top.


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