Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SUPERMOUSE in "The Magic Mirror!"

It's high time for another Supermouse adventure, this one from Supermouse No. 11, February 1951.

The Magic Mirror boasts a brilliant story that, told a different way, might have been yet another darkly epic sci-fi / fantasy novel full of dense, moral parables (Valley of the Black Mirror). Thank God not. Much better a 15 page comic book story by Milt Stein!

Milt Stein’s art is so bursting with life, so full of fresh air; its pleasures always seem newly discovered. His characters stretch, bounce, and move with surreal freedom; and his panels are as full of odd angles and perspectives as Caligari’s cabinet.

Two things about Supermouse: First, unlike nearly every other character in the funny animal universe, Supermouse doesn’t have an ungrateful, self-centered girlfriend whose love must be endlessly won (think Mickey, Donald, Porky, or even Mighty Mouse). Nope, Soupie has a steadfast wife, Mabel. She and Supie live in a pretty, little house in the country and are endlessly devoted to one another.

Second thing: When Supermouse gets angry, he really relishes his own fury - revels in his own might! I just love that.


  1. I gotta say...I think I prefer Supermouse over Atomic Mouse AND Mighty Mouse.

  2. Love this stuff!! Just Stein at his best! Everything is huge and splashing and filled with energy. The splash panel is just amazing.
    Every page is a joy for the eye, every panel wins your attention hopelessly. Beastly imagination and talent at service of comic art without question. Your comment on Milt Stein art sounds perfect!
    And talking about odd angles look at panel 4 page 3: Where's the ground? That's crazy, man!
    By the way, Slipery Elmer looks like a kind of funny tribute to Herriman in a way, right?---

    I said this on your previous Supermouse posts I think, but here goes again:
    More of this, Mykal!!

  3. Jeff: I feel the same!

    Gabe: Rest assured, my friend, there will be more Supermouse ala Milt Stein (my favorite), but also from Al Hubbard and Dan Gordon.

    Thanks for the comments, gents! Much appreciated.

  4. At least Super Mouse had the courage to wear Superman's red and blue costume (except for the "S" symbol). Like this stuff a lot. The action moves nicely, something not all cartoonists can do.

  5. Gary: I think my favorite movement panels are on pages 3 and 4 when supermouse charges the mirror; and, of course, his rubbery arms whenever he punches someone! Thanks for dropping by!

  6. ghaleb: Wow, thanks! It's there now. Thanks for reading and letting me know!

  7. Neat post, about an artist with whom I was unfamiliar. Do you know if Milt also drew another Supermouse "evil twin" story from Coo Coo Comics #23, March 1946?


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