Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hoppy, The Marvel Bunny! (1944)

These Hoppy stories are from Fawcett’s Funny Animals No. 24, November 1944. The Marvel Bunny was the lead story and franchise player for much of the title’s run. Like Captain Marvel, Hoppy gained his supper powers by speaking the magic word “Shazam!” And like so many superheroes, he had a girlfriend that preferred the superhero to the secret identity.

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny was the creation of cartoonist, Chad Grothkopf. His style is classic Bigfoot and his character design, even for minor walk-ons, is intelligent and thoughtful (I love the candy store clerk and burly sportsman customer of the first story; and the feline witch of the second).

These next two advertisements are from the same issue. With such gorgeous design and layout, the ads become as eye-pleasing as the comic's stories. The 1940s were such a great time for design - of men’s clothes, architecture, cars, what have you. This beautiful standard was obvious in something as simple as an ad for a hobby knife or Tootsie Drink Mix.


  1. Mykal: "Slimy Sam"? Sure, he seems like an upstanding citizen! Why not go out with him?

    Great art. And I'm a fan of any Captain Marvel product from Fawcett. Well, maybe not Jr.

  2. That's some nice brush work and great looking characters. it's an odd choice of colors for the shadows under the characters; they almost appear to be puddles in some of the panels.

  3. I recently glommed onto a lot of the Fawcett Comics scans and am really delving headlong into the complete run of Marvel Family stories. I haven't gotten to the Hoppy stories yet, but am anxiously waiting finding the time.

    It'e great seeing you commentary and take on them before I get to always have something to show in the appreciation of all your subjects.

    Here's to happy Hoppy reading!

  4. Hey, guys! Ghost, KW, and Jeff! Thanks for stopping by!

    Ghost - I know, you would think the name "Slimy" might be a tip off!

    KW: Those are some pretty odd shadows, not that you mention it.

    Jeff: Happy reading to you, too!


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