Saturday, January 2, 2010

Krazy Kat Comics -
"Gee Whizzer!" & "Snow Fallin'!"

This post comes courtesy of Karswell, host of the magnificent The Horrors Of It All. THOIA is the blog for pre-code horror comics. I read every, single post and marvel at the consistent graphic glory contained therein. Luckily for The Big Blog, Karswell loves kids' comics as much as we do!

The art here is unaccredited, but it is superfine: loose and relaxed - perfectly bouncy and fluid. It also captures the surreal, sparse beauty of Herriman's original series! This is from the Karswell Kollection - Krazy Kat Comics No. 4, February-April 1952.


  1. Mykal: Something about Krazy Kat has always scared me ! Perfect that it comes from Karswell. I will more likely have strange dreams about that weird bat-squirrel than anything from Devilcember~!

  2. Mykal, these are wonderful; not Herriman (but what is?) but still fun and appropriate for mass market comics books that Dell put out. I've always loved Ignatz the most of the trio, so the first story is my favorite. That Baron von Bat is a great character. But, Hey! Why is Ignatz wearing a black skirt? Who's he think he is? Magnus?

  3. Lysdexicuss: I know what you mean. There was something horribly spacious in the orginal Harriman - sort of like some nightmarish limbo. Leave it to Karswell! Of course, the art and style is much warmer in this dell comic, which I really like. -- Mykal

    R/E: I thought the Baron von Bat character fantastic! Dell took a few liberties, but I love this comic a great deal - I can't wait to see what Karswell sends me next! -- Mykal

  4. >can't wait to see what Karswell sends me next!

    Something slightly haunted, no doubt! And good luck with them dreams, Dex! haha

  5. It seems strange that there were issues of a Krazy Kat comic book...didn't the strip end in 1944 or thereabouts? It never was in very many papers, but was reputed to be a favorite of William Randolph Hearst, so stayed on in the King Features catalogue.

    When I read this issue as a kid I hadn't yet seen the original Krazy Kat but I liked the oddball desert drawings.

    I'm not a big Herriman Krazy Kat fan, not like some folks are, but I get a perverse pleasure from the sick masochistic relationship of Krazy to Ignatz, and the emotional masochism of Offisa Pupp's unrequited love. Some strange things may have been going on in Herriman's life, no doubt.

  6. Pappy: I always feel like I've missed something the original Herriman strip. Every now and then, in very small doses, I like it. Or occasionally one of his oddball lines will strike me cool. But overall? I just can't get on board. Like Lysdexicuss, it sort of gives me the wim wams. all the characters were either soul-less or sickly needy. I try and try, but just don't get it. And I know I risk my membership in the great order of comics lovers, but I never thought it was that well drawn except on a conceptual, perspective sort of level (his buildings in open spaces were pretty cool).

    I much prefer the kids comic that my man Karswell has supplied us! Now that's cool and so well drawn!! -- Mykal

  7. It seems as though none of you are Herriman fans. I am, and this is TERRIBLE. It's just TERRIBLE. Sorry, it just IS. I love your blog, I just detest bad Krazy Kat, haha.

  8. Peter: I have always felt slightly ashamed for not loving (or even liking) Herriman. I know so many people I rate "cool" who revere the man. I have not given up. I will try again after a respite. -- Mykal

  9. just found your blog-I love Pogo & Krazy Kat. I will visit often--charlie


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