Saturday, March 27, 2010

FOUR COLOR No. 239, August 1949;
Adventure Bound, Part II

Let us continue the adventures of brothers Nat and Paul Clark who, with the beautiful Maria Rosaria De Aranda Y Cascabel, brave sea and pirates in the second half of Adventure Bound.

There is much to love in this comic with excellent writing, stunning art, and meticulous attention to historic detail topping the list. Panel composition throughout has such a refined balance. Looking at a full page is like looking at the inside of a Swiss timepiece. That’s the way it was done back when men held nibs of steel and brushes of sable!

This gorgeous piece was the back over of the issue. Damn, did Dell give you a dime's worth. This is also by Bill Ely. Shades of Wyeth and Pyle, naturally.


  1. "When men held nibs of steel and brushes of sable."

    Very poetic, my friend. Many of today's comic artists could not touch these old artists for sheer ability to handle art tools. In the age of Photoshop using a Gillott penpoint or Winsor-Newton Series 7 sable brush seems almost as quaint as writing with a quill.

  2. Pappy: Nothing will ever replace in terms of beauty the line made with a Series 7 or a nice, delicate flexible nib. Nothing gives that variable line quite the same way. Hopefully, at least the art will never be forgotten. I bet at some point we see resurgence in the use of the old tools (I really hope). Thanks for stopping by, Pappy. -- Mykal

  3. It's a shame that as a kid I didn't really have an appreciation for these "kids" comics.

    It seems it takes a much more adult taste to see the sheer beauty in these. And there is beauty indeed!

  4. I agree on all counts, Jeff. -- Mykal

  5. Mykal: I am a bit confused about HOW that massive hole was formed ashore, when the boat blew up @ the end...

    I would have spared Maria that hard bed, and allowed her to moss down with me ;~!

  6. Lysdexicuss: Regarding huge pit in sand and explosion - on page 27, the pirates beach their ship high onto the sand. After the explosion, Maria, Nat and Paul rush down to the shorline to find all pirates dead and the ship nothing a gapping hole in the sand. That one picture does appear that somehow the hole is far inland, but it is actually near the water. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Didja notice that beautiful coloring? ;-).

    Yeah, Maria was something else. I love how Ely made her so very Spanish. -- Mykal

  7. Hi Mykal! I usually wasn't into adventure type comics like this when I was a wee tyke, however this one was done really well. It is always fun to see the old masters inking styles! cheers!

  8. Brad: I love that older stuff more now than when I was younger myself. -- Mykal

  9. those ship drawings are beautiful


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