Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After the smashing success of Casper the Friendly Ghost in cartoon and comics, every company decided to put a small, cheerful boy spirit into the lineup. Homer the Happy Ghost was Atlas’ version of the little moneymaker. Homer had Dan DeCarlo on pencils and inks; and when you’ve got DeCarlo, you’ve got a lot. And, not for nothing, Stan Lee wrote the scripts. Enjoy.

DeCarlo is best remembered as the artists that established the “house style” for Archie Comics, modernizing the strip after the Bob Montana reign. He also created Josie and the Pussycats and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. His style is easily recognizable and extremely pleasing.


  1. Casper, the Friendly Ghost - Homer, the Happy Ghost - Timmy, the Timid Ghost.

    Amazing that the comic industry was once so burgeoning that there was room for so many copy-cat titles. (i.e. Mighty Mouse - Atomic Mouse; Archie - too many to metnion teen humor).

    Not necessarily a bad thing, as there was so much room for artists to ply their trade.

    All for the price of one thin dime.

  2. Hyde: You're very welcome!

    Jeff: So true: Kids' comics were once a much more popular genre. I felt like Homer was a pretty good title in its own right, due to the funny stuff written by Lee, and of course - De Carlo's art always knoked me out. -- Mykal

  3. These are strange distortions of Casper. I really like them.

    If Homer is able to produce sound waves then I wonder if there's a physical voice box inside of him. But then when he tried to walk through walls his voice box would not be able to pass through and snag him where he stands. I must figure out this voice box issue! Otherwise this is a completely unbelievable and preposterous story!

  4. KW: If I know you, you'll figure it out and design a wooden contraption to explain the physics. -- Mykal

  5. "DeCarlo is best remembered as the
    artist that established the "house
    style" for Archie Comics..."
    That almost sounds as if DeCarlo was hired for that purpose; it was his mission.
    I believe that Dan DeCarlo came over to Archie Comics, started drawing their characters in his wonderful style...and the editors realized what they had and said in unison, "THIS is the new look of Archie!"
    Serendipity or just plain luck...
    there's Bob Montana and Dan DeCarlo... making their singular contributions in their own eras.

    Sam Kujava

    Sam Kujava

  6. Sam: I am sure you are correct! A happy set of cirumstances. I bet De Carlo's style was so strong and unique (and popular), that editors went with it.

    Speaking of Montana - I have been searching for some of his work but had no luck yet. - But I will!

    Thanks fo commenting. -- Mykal


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