Sunday, June 20, 2010

COO COO COMICS No. 28, August 1946

After reviewing Craig Yoe’s wonderful book of kids’ comics (see last post), it occurred to me what a monumental job Craig faced selecting only the best stories for a single volume. I mean, in the golden age of comics alone the talent was overwhelming!

How rich was the cartooning field during the golden age (late 30s to late 40s)? Friends, I can show you better than I can tell you. I thought of a fun project: I grabbed (I swear) a random issue of Coo Coo Comics from my collection – issue no. 28, August 1946. I’ll post every story from the issue over the next several days, excluding none! By project's end, we will have walked a yard or two in Craig’s editorial shoes. Let’s get started!

First up is an Al Hubbard Supermouse story. This is the first story in the comic. Already we’re elbow deep in "classic!"

Don R. Christensen (working as Don Arr) gives us our next treat with a “Zippie” story. Christensen was an animator for both Disney and Warner (as part of Bob Clampett’s unit) before turning to cartooning. I’m already beginning to understand why a book like The Golden Collection of Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics takes years to edit!

The random harvest of this issue of Coo Coo Comics continues with two (that’s right, two) stories from Jack Bradbury!


  1. i chose the particular supermouse story i did choose for "Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics" because it was about books and libraries, favorite things of mine--and an evil villain who wants to burn books! it, being a supermouse story, is light-hearted and fun, but i couldn't help but wonder if there was a good subtle message, pro-books/libraries, anti-censors, in the tale. and supermouse says in the story, "gosh! libraries are sure wondErful places! must be on accounta they got books!'

    mykal, in the front of the book, i hope you noticed, i said "i want to dedicate this book, and inparticular the supermouse story, to all the librarians in my life..."


    haha, my word verification is "reade" how cool is that!

  2. Craig: You bet your life I noticed that dedication! I showed it around at work (A Library!) too!

    "Reade" that is amazing! It synchronicity of the highest!

  3. Bravo, Mykal. This random selection is big fun

  4. today's verifiction is "presse"--as in printing!

    if i print a followup volume i PROMISE i'll print a don arr story.

    can't wait to see the rest of your coo-coo #28 post--i've got it somewhere in this mess but i don't remember what's in this issue...

    what else would your readers like to see?

  5. Craig: Some clever fellow will do a Night Gallery/Twilight Zone horror-type story where verification words sloooowly reveal, word by word, a doomed future! Or perhaps a romantic story, where the words predict the coming of a love affair!

    I'm sure everyone is hoping for a follow up! As to what readers want (speaking for myself here), I have always wanted to see more of the work of Warren Kremer.

  6. Incredible stuff. Thanks as always for reminding us why comics are cool and fun.

  7. Coo Coo Comics has always been one of those titles that intrigued me, but the covers never seem to be drawn well. However, in looking at the first few pages of the first story you reprint here, I said: "Al Hubbard." Right. Nice stuff. He's got such a great style.

  8. I love Hubbard's stuff on "Scamp" the best, I think, but his Supermouse is amazing as well. Thanks for commenting, Gary!


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