Saturday, July 31, 2010

Andy Panda in "The Isle of Mechanical Men"

The relative anonymity of Dan Gormley is a mystery. His work for Dell’s Four Color, as this story exemplifies, was stunning – very round and bouncy. "The Isle of Mechanical Men" comes from Four Color No. 280, June 1950.

Gormley worked for Dell through the 1940’s and 50’s, often drawing Walter Lantz characters. He drew many Disney covers and worked with John Stanley on the Nancy comics. After the age of Eisenhower, he went off the radar. His whereabouts, whether living or shed of this mortal coil, is unknown. There exits one photograph of Gormley – a short man with a thinning, high widow’s peak and a strong, roman nose; wearing short-sleeves and tie (held in place by a tie clip). He is smiling in the photo, hands on hips, looking down and off camera. Is this not the foundation of legend?


  1. I liked it..

    one page seems to be missing after the speech "its dangerous" as the Panda walks nervously closer..

    The artist sure loved shadows...
    But like the different angles used..

  2. Peter: Thanks for the heads up. I have that missing page put in. I like it, too!

  3. Yeah, Dan Gormley did a lot of stuff for Dell -- even some adventure stuff early on. He worked with John Stanley on some Nancy comics and did a number of Four Color issues. Another very talented guy whose work would have been forgotten if not for comics fans like all of us.

  4. I love Dan Gormley's work. His Andy Panda and Oswald art is incredible. Thanks for posting.

  5. When I found this comic book in the back-issue bin, I was thinking," Who IS this guy???" It amazed me that I had so much trouble finding any info on the artist. The art is so lively, fun and dynamic!

    Thanks for bringing solid-gold classics back into view ^_^

  6. Sherm: The pleasure is all mine! Thanks!


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