Saturday, August 28, 2010

DAGWOOD COMICS No. 47, November 1954
(And Much More!)

Chic Young’s Dagwood Comics was an immensely popular title for Harvey Comics despite (or perhaps because of) criminal levels of violence from boss Dithers, lasting a stout 140 issues over 15 years. Like so many Harvey comics of the era, it had consistently beautiful covers full of bright, primary colors and simple, striking graphic design:

The issues usually began with Dagwood introducing a story via a letter to his fans. In this issue, the first two connected stories appear not to be Chic Young; but done in a very appealing “in the style of" (Young's great work appears later).

These next stories are Chic Young (signed). Young's thin-lined, distinctive cartooning style gains strength from its contrasts: prim, refined and yet perfectly loose and easy to read.

What follows are two one-page stories from other contemporary strips of the time. First, The Little King by Otto Soglow.

Next is Thimble Theater by Bill Zaboly – one of the many great artists that have put their stamp on Popeye. Zaboly worked with writer, Tom Sims.

This issue was a real treasure trove of great ads, illustrated by great cartoonists. First up: Fred Harman illustrates an ad for Daisy’s Red Rider Carbine Air Rifle. Harman remains best known for his work on Red Ryder in both comic strip and comic book.

Next is an adventure starring the Dubble Bubble Kids done by Ray Thompson. Thompson was an advertising illustrator recruited by Fleer to compete with Bazooka Joe. Thompson’s wonderful comic work wrapped ba-zillions of squares of bubble gum.

Finally, Al Capp’s Frearless Fosdick peddles Wildwood Cream-Oil Hair Tonic.


  1. The cover to this issue is exactly why I gave up dogs, and hot dogs ;~j

    Whenever I read Blondie captions I hear Penny Singleton's unique voice. Man, I really fell in love with her as a kid growing up, and always looked forward to certain repeating 'skits', like Dagwood taking naps or eating sandwiches. I want my old Newspaper Route back, Mykal~! Those were the days. Thanx for taking me back~!

  2. Lysdexicuss: The pleasure is all mine! I have always loved Chic Young's Blondie and still think it's one of the greatest strips on the world.

  3. I always had a fascination with Blondie too. Dagwood lives a sweet life of sandwiches, naps and getting to sleep with a hottie!

    I'm jealous.

  4. Jeff: Separate beds, of course (this is a kids' blog, after all). The fascinating thing about Dagwood and Blondie is that Dagwood was the scion of a rich industrialist, who fell in love with a flapper, party girl (Blondie; who in her youth spent her time in dance halls and was known in the early days as Blondie Boopadoop). By marrying Blondie, Dagwood sacrificed his inheritance, as his family thought her far beneath their station and disinherited Dagwood for marrying her!

  5. Love over money...a true romance!


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