Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lynn Karp and Jack Bradbury Get Happy!

Finishing up points of interest from Happy Comics No. 19, May 1947 (for the cover see last post), we have artwork today by Jack Bradbury and Lynn Karp - both ex-Disney animators making their unique and everlasting mark in the world of kids' comics. First, let's enjoy this Bunnyboy outing by Mr. Karp (written by his oft-times partner and full-time brother, Hubie Karp): Download THIS POST!

Next comes a Pansy the Chimp story, which featured another of comicdoms lovable and completely forgotten characters, Orville Hambone. Gratefully, the outstanding cartooning of Jack Bradbury will never be forgotten.

This ad for the paperback edition of Niven Busch's Western novel, Duel In The Sun (timed for the release of the Hollywood movie of the same name), is from the same issue.

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  1. You can tell this is the work of animators! These characters look alive.


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