Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TOM CAT No. 7, May 1957

Here come two stories from Tom Cat, one of the many Charlton kids’ comics edited by Al Fago. The cover is Fago as well as the first story - featuring his own creation, Atomic Mouse!

I don’t know the artist for this second Dog Daze story, but I sure like the style. What a fine range of expressions!


  1. Al Fago either drew a lot of comic books, or I just drew familair with him name from seeing his signature all these years. He's a pretty damn good cartoonist.

  2. A: He is a damn good cartoonist, and sadly a largely forgotten one. Back in his hayday, though, he really was the man at Charlton! I have some other stories from this issue that look like him (though unsigned) that I might post next. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Yeah, he was Charlton's cartoonist in residence, that's for sure.


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