Monday, April 4, 2011

More of Gene Fawcette's SUPERMOUSE!

The reaction was so good to my last post of Gene Fawcette's work, I thought I would post the cover and remaining two Supermouse stories from the same issue (Supermouse No. 45, Fall 1958). Included as well at the front and back inside covers, featuring Merton Monk and (front inside cover) and Packy Pig (back inside cover). Enjoy!!


  1. WOW!!! What a treat to my eyes!!! The B/W pages are the best because you can enjoy the line work without the muddied up printer's work of terrible registration. Keep in mind that the "funny animal" books often were considered low grade by the Printers and therefore were not treated with the care and attention to detail that higher end mags or superhero comics received.

    This oddly enough has ended up giving some of the older funny books the character that seemed to be missing from the "higher end" books.

    I always get strange looks (now at age 47) when I walk into my local shop and pull out the few remaining funny animal books available from their old comic stockpile.

    Personally, I feel the industry was ruined by eliminating funny titles...but that's a rant I'll save for another day! Don;t get me started.

    Thanks for sharing the GREAT pages!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Mykal!

    We've all been marveling at the line-work since your last post. I hope people aren't missing the foret for the trees, though.

    As good as layout, line-work, character design, etc., are as tools, the wonderful thing about Fawcette is, they all come toghether so naturaly and beautfilly as one big cartoony whole!

    A forgotten (until Mykal got his hands on him) master!

  3. Mykal, please feel free to post as much SuperMouse as you have in your collection... I never get tired of drooling over this art!

  4. Karswell: I have at least two more comics of Fawcette's work on Supermouse. I'll surely post it before too long. The drool factor is pretty hight for me on his work, too.

  5. Love stuff like this. The slick line and the unimaginative-ness of names like "Packy Pig" (How long did that name take to come up with, a second?). THIS is the way comics should be!


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