Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LITTLE ARCHIE in "The Harder They Fool"

The following story, "The Harder They Fool," comes from Little Archie No. 3, Summer 1957; and is a pretty fair slice of the kind of brilliant, tac-sharp humor and beooo-ti-ful pages Bob Bolling has been turning out for well over half a century.


  1. That final panel brings it all together ! (anything with a tree-house is tops)

  2. FAN-tastic!
    I love Archie. Keep these things coming!

  3. Another rock-solid cartoonist whose work is unknown to the general comic book readin' population!

    I love how he plays with the shapes of the panel borders here and there. Simple, but effective.

    Hey Mykal- How about posting some Harry Lucey stuff?!

  4. Lysdexicuss: That is one perfect kids' panel!

    J.: I'll do my best!!

    Bill: He's still doing fantastic work, too! I have some Harry Lucey in the hopper and will get to it before too long.

  5. Hey, Bill, did you see that Archie and IDW are releasing a Best of Harry Lucey hardcover in August? Should be good if it's anything like the DeCarlo books.

    AND I just saw this week that they're putting out a Best of Samm Schwartz book in August.

  6. J.- Wow, that looks great! I can't wait. The SS one too!

    Mykal- BB is still doing work? For Archie? Details please! I thought he was long gone*. Glad to hear he's not.

    * Of course if I had paid attention to what you wrote, I would know better. Curse my limited attention span!

  7. Bill: Bolling still does stories for the Archie Digests - and he hasn't lost a step. He is one of America's great comic book masters.

  8. Bob Bolling, as his own writer/artist, ranks there with Samm [sic] Schwartz and others in the Archie books [STILL hate what they did to Dan DeCarlo, otherwise THE Archie HOUSE STYLE SETTER, even chang Betty the Art Fanatic from being Betty the Dan De Carlo fanatic to Betty the ARCHIE STAFF fanatic in a museum-set story!] and added a Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker like use of puns like Betty saying that Ronnie develops a negative attitude about filmaking.LOL:)

    Steve Carras, big fan of "classic" Archie-i.e., the pre-Fugmation cartoon, [Samm Schwartz in particular favored these] old-school "Betty vs Ronnie","Moose vs Reggie",etc. school. Link to my name for old school era Gumby blog [no Minga added!]

    PS I have a Dan DeCarlo 1987 Betty?Archie/Ronnie poster on my wall. Bought it from San Fransisco's Pier 39. A city where Veronica would LOVE to shop. Till she drops.


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