Monday, October 31, 2011

The Odyssey of Casper!

Today, Casper enters the world of Homer's The Odyssey (and who said comics weren't educational?). This post comes via a request from Big Blog pal, Martin, who in previous comments recalled a specific Casper story where the friendly ghost meets Ulysses. Well, I just had to find the story and share it with everyone. Another pal, Debbie, did the legwork and tracked the story down. Please visit both Martin and Debbie's respective blogs by clicking their names above!

This classic tale comes from The Friendly Ghost, Casper No. 9, May 1959; with artwork by Warren Kremer.


  1. The new way blogger displays images is a lot better for comic readin'.

    Thanks for sharing, Mykal!

  2. Martin: Thanks so much for requesting this tale. It is classic. Once I found the comic and read it, I remember it from my childhood as well!!

    KW: Yep - I agree about the new graphic display offered by Blogger. And blogger keeps improving it (notice the new "Show Original" option so that readers can view the individual page in a separate tab for expansion!) I have been looking for an add-on that would do the same thing, and now Blogger offers it. My blog is trailer made for this feature!

  3. this is great stuff but i wish Casper would come solve all of MY problems. he's like a vortex of morality no one can resist...

  4. Prof.: I've often had the same thought. He really does create a "vortex of morality" doesn't he? Well said.

  5. What a story! Only those wacky Harvey guys would mix up Casper and Ulysses!

    Although I love all of Warren Kremer's work, this isn't one of my favorites. My one quibble with his work here is that I wish he had "stretched" himself more on the look of the character designs and backrounds. The castles, landscapes and witch all look like they belong in the Enchanted Forest. It would have been interesting if he made them more unique. The cyclops is cool. I wish he had gone more in that direction with the rest of the art.

    This seems like a story more suited to Ernie Colon.

    Ahh, what am I saying? Warren's work is always great!

  6. Hey, Bill. I'm glad you came to your senses! Kremer is always great! ;-)

  7. Sorry, my website was gone for a while, but it's back up now:

  8. What a cool and very exciting comic! I especially liked the part where Casper saved those people who had been turned into pigs. :)

  9. It's my favorite cartoon! I love Casper! Thank's for sharing!
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