Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Porky Pig in "The Joyful Toy"

The Christmas stories continue with this wild tale wherein Porky invents a jet propelled pogo stick for the Christmas toy market! It comes from Four Color No. 1064, December 1959. The mighty fine pencils come curtesy of John Carey (inks unknown).

I love when funny animal stories have a few human beings thrown into the mix. In "A Joyful Toy," Porky and his brood are the only funny animal characters in the story! Here, a family of pigs can go to stores, interact with human friends and neighbors, and enjoy Christmas without causing a ripple! Wouldn't that be a lovely world? Don't forget the two puzzle pages at the end of the post, both drawn by Tony Strobl. Happy Holidays to all you good, little pigs and kids out there!


  1. Mykal,

    We cannot forget that John Carey worked as animator at Warner.

  2. Not my favorite Western artist, but I always liked his "extreme" poses. I think you're right, Mykal, that he didn't ink this himself. His stuff always looked better when he did his own finishes.

    Hey, since you're doing this series of Christmas themed stories, how about some Dennis the Menace stuff? There were a ton of those, and they always put me in the Holiday mood. I especially liked the ones that featured "how-to" Christmas craft projects.

  3. Rodineislilveira: We won't forget!

    Bill: I don't have any Christmas Dennis on hand! Fooey! Maybe next year. About ID for the art, I have to admit these IDs come courtesy of Grand Comic Database and Big Blog pal, Alberto Becattini. I wasn't sure myself as the Warner stuff for Dell always gets me stymied.

  4. In an ironic coincidence, Cartoon Brew posted a John Carey Christmas card today!

    I sure you already spotted it though, Mykal!

  5. Bill: I missed that post! Thanks. It looked pretty sweet, too.


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