Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bozo the Clown and His Minikin Circus

Bob Grant, the artist responsible for the gorgeousity of the following cover and pages, was a Disney artist throughout the 40s, 50s, and 60s; yet his resume is a bit unique for comic book artists of his day: He wasn't an animator. According to Lambiek Comiclopedia, Grant worked almost exclusively in print illustration (Sunday funnies, daily strips, comics, etc.). How refreshing! He gives us some beautiful work here. I love his character design and the wonderful inking throughout. Grant's panels have such a wonderful sense of space and perspective. This is from Four Color No. 285 (July 1950)

Did I mention Bob Grant's gorgeous inking? Catch an eyeful on these great black and white pages from the inside covers:


  1. Thanks, Mykal...this is one of my all-time favorite Dell Comics, but I've procrastinated scanning and presenting it. You've saved me a lot of work, and not only that, shown the world what a great cartoonist Bob Grant was.

    You're a pal!

  2. Back at you, Pappy! Nice to hear from you. Yes, Grant is a bit of a revelation to me as I was not familiar with his work until I got this comic in a recent buying splurge. What an incredible cartoonist.

  3. Bob Grant was also the artist of the Scamp comic strip for Disney in the early 1950s, after Dick Moores started it. I love his ability to draw appealing animal faces, such as he did with the little puppy character, Scamp. A brilliant comic artist, who deserves to be better known!

  4. Mark: I couldn't agree more. Just brilliant work in this story - particulariy with the animals - as you mention.

  5. Great cartooning here. I didn't even have to read it--even the thumbnails are a blast. (Though I'll read it eventually!) Thanks for the great blog, Mykal.


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