Friday, June 21, 2013

More from Giggle Comics circa 1949

Here are a couple of more fantastic artists that graced the pages of post-war, golden age kid's comics. The first story, starring Fremont Frog, is the unmistakable work of Jack Bradbury, whose luxurious brushwork was an era stable. The following Wacky Wolf story is by Bob (Wick) Wickersham, who was an animator at Columbia and also a frequent contributor to Giggle and other era comics. Both stories come from Giggle Comics No. 64, April 1949.
Here's a cool ad from the same issue. Imagine, the boy or girl that marveled and desired this technology in 1949 could grow up to see their grandchildren in 2013 talking on cell phones which connect them to the world.


  1. These drawings are great. I like them so much more than what passes for standard nowadays. Jack Bradbury's work looks sculpted in the round. He had a perfect sense of the third dimension. Thanks for sharing, Mykal!


  2. KW: "Sculpted in the round." You put it perfectly my friend - Next time I post some Bradbury, I'll have to snitch that.

  3. Thanks for these Mykal! That Fremont story has amazing art! Even at first glance you can immediately see what's goin on! Bradbury was such an amazing artist. I send you an email, but thanks again for putting me up on your blog, twice no less! I feel honored!

  4. Dave: Yes indeed, Bradbury was something special. No problem with the blog and website referral (see sidebar). It's well deserved. You're doing some very nice stuff!

  5. Hi Mykal!

    I have recently re-opened my web pages which include my own blog, where I'll be soon discussing Bob Wickersham's career, among other (hopefully) interesting topics...

    Check it out!


  6. Alberto: Always a pleasure to hear from you. Wonderful blog you have! I have added it in my side bar under Comic Book resources" and for good measure "Cartoon blogs."

  7. Bob Wickersham and Jack Bradbury are two of my favorite funny animal comic book artists and animators. Thank you so much for posting. Happy 4th of July!

  8. Roberto: You are so right - you can never go wrong with either artist! Thanks for stopping by, and a happy 4th to you and yours!


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