Friday, September 12, 2014

Ha Ha Comics No. 45 (continued)
Bob Wickersham

More from Ha Ha Comics No. 45, September 1947. Today let's revel in the offerings of Bob Wickersham (who often signed as Bob Wick). My purpose in posting all stories from this single issue is to demonstrate how the Golden Age in comic books was the greatest era for kids' comics (work from this issue started two posts back). Mr. Wickersham's work easily supports my claim! And don't forget to look at the cool ad from the same issue after the story!


  1. Daniel Spaniel was featured in at least two Columbia Phantasy cartoons, "Dog Meets Dog" from 1942 and "Mutt N' Bones" from 1944. Wick probably animated on both of them, maybe even designed the character.


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