Friday, October 28, 2022

Wacky Wolf! By Bob Wick!!

Good afternoon, Kids! So nice to visit with you all again!

Bob Wickersham is perhaps best known as an animator for the Walt Disney Studios, where he left an indelible mark through the 1930s. Mr. Wickersham provided much of the smooth, Disney finish on many famous black-and-white shorts like “Playful Pluto” (1934) and “Mickey’s Steamroller” (1934).

During the 1940s, Mr. Wickersham began drawing comics as well, often signing his name “Bob Wick.” He worked mainly for the American Comics Group, which published some of my favorite Kids’ Comics titles of all time, like Ha-Ha Comics and Giggle Comics. In today’s story, we see Mr. Wick’s easy, clean style in a story featuring Wacky Wolf, a signature character in the ACG line.

This story comes from Giggle Comics No. 20 (June, 1945)

So, in the end, universal order is restored and everyone's happy (we hope!)

I will see you all again very soon. Until then, I hope you are all warm, safe, and happy!

--Your friend, Mykal


  1. Thanks for posting! Beautiful stuff.

  2. Love this stuff! Wish I had their storytelling talent.

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    1. Buddy: Thanks for stopping by! I've added your blog to my blog under "Who Doesn't Love Cartoon Blogs?" Welcome.

    2. By the way, Buddy - have you followed this blog yet?

    3. Oh no! I'll start today...and advertise you too!


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