Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Goofy in "The Junior Jet"

Good afternoon, Kids! So nice to visit with you all again!

Today’s story stars a personal hero of mine from the Disney Studios: Goofy!

What I admire first about Goofy is his innate loyalty and bravery. But even more importantly, he is always purely optimistic and by nature happy in the worst of times. The needle of his internal compass is always balanced on contentment. Nothing gets him down, and he never, ever quits on his dreams!

Often, when his pal Mickey Mouse is feeling dire, it will be Goofy who urges him to cheer up, reminding him that things aren’t as bad as they seem (even when they seem pretty darned bad). His instincts are always to kindness, care, generosity for anyone he knows (and the moment Goofy meets you, he will consider you a friend).

Goofy will be the first to admit that Mickey (and nearly everyone) is much smarter than he is (in this story, Goofy says to himself “Wish I could think good like Mickey! Must be fun when yah git the hang of it!”), and Goof is always poor as a church mouse. But nothing gets him down, nothing makes him worry too much, and nothing ever stops him from coming to Mickey’s aid when Mick is in trouble.

I love him and have learned from him that a good heart is of more help in the world than a quick mind. I work every day to be more like Goofy.

The great Al Hubbard illustrated this story with a script from Carl Fallberg. The cool cover (which I've thrown in just because it is so cool) is by Dick Moores. Enjoy!

Both story and cover are from Four Color No. 468 (May 1953).

I will see you all again very soon. Until then, I hope you are all warm, safe, and happy!

--Your friend, Mykal

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