Friday, November 19, 2010

The Great Treasury of
Christmas Comic Book Stories

Edited by Craig Yoe
Produced by Clizia Gussoni
IDW Publishing & Yoe Books!

Yep, the Christmas season is here! Well, okay, the Christmas season may not be quite here, but the Christmas present-buying season is definitely here; and do I have a whopping good recommendation for you kids to put on your list for Santa.

The Great Treasury of Christmas Comic Book Stories is the latest from Craig Yoe, who has had several great releases this year and adds one more to his credit with this wonderful anthology. As with all IDW Publishing books given the Yoe Books! imprint, Mr. Yoe's high publishing standards are all in place: The book is beautifully bound and designed, the paper choice is excellent, and the comic stories are reproduced with true "comic-book" color.

The story and artist choices are superb as well. There is the usual Christmas fare that comic book lovers have come to expect at Christmas: Walt Kelly, John Stanley, and Jack Bradbury are all well represented with stories (I don't think it's physically possible to have a Christmas anthology without the work of Kelly in particular). My favorites in the collection, though, are the stories and artists not often collected.

The standouts for me were two stories by Klaus Nordling ("Santa and the Pirates" and "Joe and Jennifer in The Wonderful Snowhouse"); a Frank Johnson "Li'l Tomboy" Christmas tale; and the seldom appreciated Al Fago's Atomic Mouse in a retelling of "The Night Before Christmas." I also enjoyed "The Christmas Story" with art from the great Italian master, Alberto Giolitti; which perfectly brought to mind the great Dell Christmas specials of the past.

All in all, this is a "guaranteed-bright-eyed-smile" kind of gift that will be sure to please any kid. And for you adults pondering this purchase for the kids in your life - stop your pondering! This one's a dead lock - and at around $23.00 it's a great bargain on a great collection. Order The Great Treasury of Christmas Comic Book Stories now to guarantee delivery before Christmas!


  1. Definitely agreed on the Nordling pieces. I was only slightly familiar with his work before but was very impressed by his enjoyable work in the book!

  2. Steve: The Nordling was really a treat. I also was barely familiar with his work (thanks, Craig!). Bet your boots, I wil be seeking out whatever I can round up for this blog.

  3. it's interesting to compate the two stories by nordling--he really cut loose on the santa and the pirates story, mybe my favecomic in the book--wild!

  4. Craig Yoe does it over and over. Joyous stuff!

  5. Jeff: The man is definitely on a roll!

  6. Li'l Tomboy looks like Marcie from "Peanuts"(albeit with a personality like Peppermint Patty's!)


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