Friday, November 26, 2010

STUPENDO-DOG! No. 1, October 2010

While it's sometimes easy to believe the glories of kids' comics lay in the past, the happy reality is that talented artists exist in every era! Stupendo-Dog! is the work of J. Simmons (artist and writer) and Jerry Fuchs (Fooksie) (colorist).

It's very refreshing to find a modern-day kids' comic that doesn't have its tongue in its cheek with a hip wink for the adults. Nothing here but a quality kids' comic. Here is the first issue of Stupendo-Dog!

Here is our hero, clearly poised to save the world. I feel safer just looking at his noble visage. Barely restraining Stupendo-Dog (Henry) from a new, world-saving adventure is J. Simmons. Please follow the glorious adventures of Stupendo-Dog at his BLOG!


  1. Very funny layouts. Great to look at.

  2. Yowp: I agree. This one just cracks me up.

  3. Pure fun unpretentious eye candy.

    Love it! Thanks for the tip Mykal!

  4. Jeffie: Do check out Mr. Simmons' blog. You will find more of same! And I agree - Pure fun indeed.

  5. You know, that's just not too bad at all.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. thanks for turning us on to this, mykal!

  7. "Yaa! Are we dying?"

    No, it's just cinnamon.

    Great find! I don't read too many current superhero comics, but any time they feature a dog punching a giant piece of toast, I'm in.


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