Sunday, December 19, 2010

Batty Saves Christmas!

Let's begin our Christmas postings! This year, all our stories will come from Jingle Jangle Comics No. 42, December 1942.

What better way to demonstrate the redemptive powers of the holidays than with a story of a cranky, sleep-deprived bat that saves Christmas day? God bless and keep you and yours this holiday season. Download BATTY CHRISTMAS TOYS!


  1. Wonderful, Mykal. It seems like Christmas now!

  2. Who is the artist on this Mykal? I'm stumped!

  3. That makes two of us, Bill. I haven't a clue, either. I liked it so much, though, I had to share.

  4. awesome, i ditto Mr. Overturf's comment...

  5. Hmmm, The Artist on this Specfic Batty Story is Walt Kelly, Notice the Angular rich Inking and Santa in this Story.

    Big Apple


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