Friday, August 19, 2011

Ha Ha Comics No. 34, October 1946,

One good posting (last post) of Al Hubbard certainly deserves another. The first Stalwart Swinburne story is typical of Hubbard's beautiful 40s work. The story was written by Hubert (Hubie) Karp - brother of artist Lynn Karp, of whom we will be seeing some of next post. I'll take a guess that this wonderful cover was done by Ken Hultgren.

For good measure, let's throw in a Daniel Spaniel story written by Jack Cosgriff and illustrated by Bob Wick, another star of the 1940s.

But wait! There's more! This promotion for Cookie on the inside back cover was done (I believe) by the great Dan Gordon of SuperKatt fame.


  1. Excellent post. Stalwart Swinburne is a very funny strip.

  2. Those are all fun. Bob "Wick" is Bob Wickersham, an animator and director at Columbia cartoons. He directed Willhougby's Magic Hat in 1943. It was an innovative experiment in style, a precursor to UPA. It had great layouts and poses.

    Wickersham also drew the early Fox and crow comics.

  3. Gosh ! That 1st story is wonderful. The artwork has an immediacy to it, and, it is clear H:ubbard loves the subject matter. I'll bet he busted out two pages a day he was having so much fun (and because this was not just his love, but, how he made his living). I think the late 40's has become my favorite time period for Funny-Book art. It still has that curvalinear aspect like animation but with such strong design layouts and simple inks that betray the hard work that goes into making it look so easy. Thanx for sharing !

  4. Pappy: Thanks for swinging by, and I agree: Swinburne cracks me up.

    JohnK: Thanks for the info! I'll remember that for future posts. "Wick" is all over 40s era comics.

    Lysdexicuss: Cool observations about 40s comics. I think of that decade as the summit of funny animal/kids comics.

  5. Beautiful stories, god I love this stuff!

  6. Karswell: You and me both, brother. More from the same vintage coming soon.


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