Sunday, September 18, 2011

Giggle Comics No. 71, May-June 1950

Let's begin a tour of Giggle Comics No. 71, May-June 1950. First (after the cool Dan Gordon cover) the terrific work of Bob Wickersham who, I have recently learned from pal John K, signed his comic book work "Wick" or "Bob Wick." Wickersham was a ex-animator who worked for Disney, Warners, and Fliescher studios through the 1930s and 1940s. In Monty, the Miracle Mouse - a brilliant story of a funny animal arms race set in Brooklyn - one can really see wonderful evidence of Wickersham's animation background.

Another pen name! Don R. Christensen often signed his comic book work, "Don Arr." Yep, another ex-animator. Among other work, Christensen was a storyboard artist for Bob Clampett's unit at Warners. I've yet to see a comic book story by Don Arr that didn't sport a gorgeous splash panel (and gorgeous work throughout as well).

And let's polish things off with a couple of ads from the same issue!


  1. "Monty the Miracle Mouse" is one of the best "generic" (not based on movie/TV characters) funny animal stories I've read so far. The story and art are both top-notch stuff. Very lively staging, facial expressions and poses give it a very animated look. It's easy to imagine Mel Blanc providing the voices for the characters.

  2. Debbie: I love the poses in that one a lot; particularly the big yellow cat. Thanks for commenting!

  3. These comics are really nifty! I especially like Toddy Bear. ("Spring suit." LOL! :D)


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