Friday, September 30, 2011

Morris Gollub's Black Beauty

Is there anything so heartbreaking as a good animal story, particularly one told from the animal's point of view? Perhaps such stories touch us because, like innocents, animals are at the mercy of the varying kindnesses and cruelties of men. Today we have a comic book retelling of Anna Sewell's 19th century classic, Black Beauty, via Four Color No. 440, December 1952. The artist for this issue is Morris Gollub.
Gollub was one of the greatest cover artists in comic book history, as this painted gem will attest. The inside pages are all Gollub, too - each panel a perfectly composed miniature, wonderful in detail and draftsmanship.


  1. I love it when you reproduce Moe Gollub's work. I first discovered his work in a 10 page story, "Sitara," from ANIMAL COMICS #22, August 1946. A wonderful story of a young Indian boy and his pet tiger, Sitara, who eventually saves him from a maneater. Great early work. You might also check his work for "Chuck Wagon Charlies Tales" in ANIMAL COMICS 27-30. His work appears in ANIMAL COMICS from #19 through #30.

  2. Robert: I love Gollub as well. I have more Gollub on tab, but I will most definitely track down the comics you mention. Thanks a ton!

  3. Is Morris Gollub the exact same guy as Morey Gollub who animated on Calvin and The Colonel of Creston/TV Spots.

  4. Mafusa: I'm not sure myself. Hopefully some reader will know.


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