Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two Stories by Milt Stein!

Let's start 2012 off right with two stories by one of the greatest funny animal cartoonists that ever lived: Milt Stein. The first story, "Operation Muscles," features Supermouse (Stein was one of several artists well remembered for drawing "Supie"); while the second story, "Help Wanted," features the completely forgotten character, Coo Coo.

Like Harvey Comics' Howie Post, Stein had a gift for capturing a sense of barely-controllable joy. Check out the second panel on page four of the second story, "Help Wanted;" wherein Coo Coo's hands/wings express everything I love about Stein. What a moment of blissful, artistic confidence. This all comes from Coo Coo Comics No. 54, December 1950.

Don't forget to enjoy the cool ad for a "Television Bank" at post's end, which came from the same issue. Yes. A simpler time and then some.


  1. Not so much the characters themselves, but the backgrounds and sky colors in these comics remind me of Harvey comics backgrounds. Thanks for sharing buddy

    Happy New Year

  2. Beautiful! I love Milt Stein.

    Happy New Year, Mykal. I'm hoisting my champagne glass in a toast, wishing you happiness and wishing the rest of us plenty of great posts from your fine blogs.

  3. KW: I know that you mean about the backgrounds - the landscapes feel the same.

    Pappy: (clink)

    Happy New Year, gentlemen!

  4. I'd never seen this Stein so far: characters bigger than usual –taking up almost completely the shot in every panel, and backgrounds clear with just the graphic information required.
    This has been a nice way to start 2012, Mykal! Thanx for that! My affection for Milt Stein knows no limits.

    And happy new year to you too, mate!

  5. Gabe: So great to hear from you. Happy New Year, and I share your love for Stein!

  6. Thanks, Chuck! And Happy New Year. And speaking of nice picks, you made one yourself with Devon!

  7. 2012 Already?!

    This art is a great way to start the year, Mykal. Stein's work DOES reek of joy. His work looks so simple and effortless. Yet another talent that is completely unknown to most. Really, where are the tributes to artists like this at the big cons?

    Well, at least we have your blog picking up the slack...

    Happy New Year, Mykal!

  8. CooCoo is too funny, and he's certainly aptly named! LOL!


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