Wednesday, October 24, 2012

George Carlson From Jingle Jangle - 1945

I love George Carlson's gorgeous layouts and drawing, but I love his storytelling best off all. Like any great cartoonist, art and text seem perfectly complimented in his work. Carlson created worlds of tremendous depth - somehow logical and surreal at the same time. Also included is a nifty cover by Dave Tendlar. This is from Jingle Jangle Comics, October 1945.


  1. Beautiful scans from a gorgeous comic. This thing looks like it just rolled off the press yesterday, and the art is just as timeless in its carefree flow. Thanx for sharing, Mykal !

  2. Lysdexicuss: Thanks for noticing! BTW - Are we gonna have hockey this year?

  3. That's some seriously surreal stuff! ... made a little more so by the second last and third last pages being out of sequence... :)

  4. Patrick: I hate when I do that. Thanks for the catch. It's been corrected.

  5. Wow! This is exactly why I love the internet!
    I would never have known about George Carlson if not for this blog.
    How come I never heard of him before?
    He is an amazing cartoonist and storyteller.
    I hope Craig Yoe or anyone publishes a collection of his stories in a near future.
    Thank you Mykal.

    As a Canadian, I really hope for some NHL hockey soon or I will die or something...

  6. Kid: A Canadian! Man, you must really be having fits about the hockey strike. I come from the Detroit area (Go Red Wings) so my fits are nearly as bad.

    Yes, Carlson is amazing. I know Craig published some of Carlson's work in is Krazy Kool Kollection (see sidebar under Big Blog Bookshelf). I, too, would love a complete collection of his work for Jingle Jangle Comics I really love Carlson and am always on the hunt for more.

  7. Detroit! One of the Original Six!
    Then we share the same pain brother!
    Plus, you guys are so close to our border, you are practically honorary canucks! heh!

    I'm from Montreal myself.
    Not only do you have great taste in comics, but you are also a true hockey fan as well!
    I'm drinking a Molson Export to your health as I write this!

    I do plan to get KRAZY KOOL KOLLECTION one of these days. In fact, most of your Big Blog Bookshelf suggestions are on my wish list.
    I have a suggestion of my own that would fit nicely in your Bookshelf. It's another Yoe book THE GREAT TREASURY OF CHRISTMAS COMIC BOOK STORIES, edited and designed by Craig with comics by John Stanley, Walt Kelly, Jack Bradbury, Dan Gormley, Dan Noonan, etc.

    Carry on your great work (love your spinnerrack website as well and was a follower of your awesome Gold Key blog)

  8. I grew up on Hockey Night In Canada! Thanks for the suggestion about Craig's Christmas Book! I don't know how I missed putting that one on the books shelf, but I'll correct it ASAP!


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