Thursday, February 27, 2014

Howie Post's Hot Stuff 1965!

Here's some great stuff (Hot Stuff that is) from the late, great Howie Post. No comic book artist ever made me happier than Mr. Post. He is one of those cartoonist whom I often call "my favorite." Both these stories are from Stumbo Tinytown No. 9, October, 1965.


  1. Harvey! My childhood preference over anything else. Thanks for sharing, Mykal.


    1. KW: Great to hear from you! I absolutely agree about Harvey comics. I loved them still!

  2. Howard Post had a cartoony style.
    John Kricfalusi was right.

  3. For my money, Harvey's were always the high water mark in kid's comics. {sorry Dell}.

  4. As a kid, I really wasn't much for Harvey comics...I read far more Archies and Gold Key/Whitmans. Looking at them now, the Harvey books have a charm to them that probably pulled younger readers to them. They are just happy looking comics. The Archies, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Popeye don't have the same cuteness factor the Harvey books, Little Archie, Chip n Dale and Tom and Jerry comics do.

  5. Debbie: I agree. I think the great thing about Harvey is that they really were a kids' comic line - just for kids. And they really were so happy looking.

  6. I actually had this comic although I mistakenly thought it was much earlier than 1965. I wish I knew the issue where he steams some clams on a layer of seaweed with his trident. While he's having lunch a fish steals the trident for King Neptune.


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