Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Lucky Lulu!" Stanley and Tripp - 1950

It's not accurate to call John Stanley and Irving Tripp a "team" in the same sense that Jack Kirby and Joe Simon were a team, since Tripp's assignment was to prefectly reproduce the established Stanley style, often working from layouts provided by Stanley (Tripp always said Stanley's rough layouts were often very complete). Still, a huge portion of comics thought of as "Stanley stories" were at least polished up and inked by Tripp, if not drawn. And he always did such a magnificent job at it.

What I love about Stanley's writing is the sweetness without any stickiness. Not for nothing - look at the personality he brings to the homeless vagrant, who ultimately enjoys a Thanksgiving dinner with Lulu and family. This story is from Marge's Little Lulu No. 29, November 1950.

If you want more Stanley after reading this story, you'll be made happy by visiting Frank Young's great blog, Stanley Stories.

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