Saturday, August 2, 2014

George Wildman's Popeye

After Bud Sagendorf, my favorite Popeye artist is Charlton Comic’s George Wildman. Wildman’s work is instantly recognizable for its delirious wonkiness. In fact, the term “wonkiness” may very well have been created specifically to capture the feel of the artist’s work on Popeye.

Good pal Stephen DeStefano, knowing of my unabashed affection for the artist's work, recently asked me why there wasn’t more Wildman wonkiness on this blog. Well, let’s get this party started, Stephen! Like a train going off the rails, here come stories starring Popeye, Swee'pea, and Wimpy! Also, Wildman did the awesome cover! This is from Popeye No. 111, December 1971.


  1. Hey Mykal,
    Thanks for posting Popeye! I think I like all versions of him.

    Have you seen this blog?
    It's a lot of British comics and a lot of them are really fun.

  2. Hey, KW! That's an awesome blog! Thanks for the tip.

  3. He has a lot of Ken Reid comics on there. Those are great. They remind me Al Capp comics.


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