Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ha Ha Comics No. 45, September 1947

The Golden Age of of comics books produced lots of great artwork - but no genre of comics during this period produced art as polished as did kids' comics!

To support this claim, I though I would post every story from an issue of Ha Ha Comics from the late 1940s over the next several posts. Thus, you might see for yourself the high standard of the time. This first story starring the Impulsive Imps will give you the first sampling. I believe the artwork here is by Al Hubbard; with cover by Ken Hultgren.

As a bonus, I'll throw in all the ads that were in this issue as well just to give one a sense of the times. The ad that closes this post includes a half-pager featuring the art of Dan Gordon!


  1. Mykal, thanks for showing a story I had not seen. I agree with you about the high standard of quality in these comics. I believe the forties was a fantastic time for lovers of kids' comics. In my opinion Walt Kelly and Carl Barks led the way, but they had some formidably talented peers during that postwar period who were turning out great stuff every month in the funny animal comics that filled the comic racks. I think it can be considered a golden age within the Golden Age.

  2. "Golden age within the Golden Age." I like that - Wish I'd thought of that, darn it! I agree - Kelly and Barks were the tops but, as you say, so very many other great artists were so very close to them in talent if not equal!


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