Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Super Goof!

Super Goof was Goofy (one of my personal heroes) with super powers, acquired by eating super goobers (peanuts) he grew in his garden. Here’s a short, 4-page story from Walt Disney’s Super Goof No. 3, May, 1966. I’ve included a the B&W inside cover pages (which I always love) for an extra treat. All pencils here are by Tony Strobl with inks (at least for the story) by Steve Steere.

Why is Goofy my hero? Because it is his nature to love everyone, and everything. Certainty, he can become angry at behavior, but he never hates the person behaving badly. He loves life. He loves the world around him, always. It is his nature to be happy, and he has a simple trust the world will always be joyful.

Goofy loves - first and always.


  1. So wonderful. I'm so glad you're back.

    1. Super Goofy he is the true identity of Goofy becomes the caped superhero fighting against the forces of evil & save the world protect the innocent and keep the peace.

  2. Mykal:

    I am so pleased to see that you have revived your Blog… and, coincidently, at more or less the same time my own Blog has awakened from an extended period of dormancy. It’s nice to know that we’re both out there beating the drums for this type of comic, you with Super Goof, and me with Scooby-Doo meeting Quick Draw McGraw!

    Super Goof has always been a favorite character of mine, since reading his first original appearance in Gold Key’s DONALD DUCK # 102, in 1965!

    And he was, fittingly, the first character I worked with in comics back at Gemstone, and have the honor of doing so to this day at IDW!

    Issue # 3, which you highlight, has one of the best lead stories of the series, (same for issue # 2) and everyone should look those up! As for a great contemporary Super Goof tale, look no further than “Super Goof Meets the Sinister Space Santa”, in IDW’s DONALD AND MICKEY CHRISTMAS PARADE # 1 (2015).

    It’s a wonderful Italian story of Christmas themed crime in the outer reaches of space. Also, Goofy must attend mandatory super-heroing refresher courses with a host of other heroes, and somehow manage to not be late for a holiday celebration with his nephew Gilbert! Yes, it’s dialogued by yours truly… but it was a GREAT Super Goof story long before I laid eyes on it!

    I’ll put a linking post to this at my Blog, so we can further spread the word on Super Goof!

    …Glad you’re back!

  3. Super Goof is one of my favorite characters. In fact I have perhaps the most complete collection of Super Goof comics of anyone except maybe Joe Torcivia who sent me to this blog. Not many appreciate that but I'll tell you that putting together a collection of Super Goof is considerably harder than putting together a collection of Superman for instance.

  4. Mykal Banta,

    Our friend Joe Torcivia nave been outstanding this topic on his blog.


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