Sunday, January 9, 2022

Crawford Crow Gets a Gift!
Art from Jim Davis!

Hi, Kids! Today we have a great story from Comic Cavalcade No. 58 (August-September 1953) staring the popular Fox and the Crow.

Jim Davis (not to be confused with the Jim Davis, creator of Garfield) was an animator that worked for several studios in a very long career, but is best remembered by comic book lovers for his work drawing the adventures of Fauntleroy Fox and Crawford Crow.

Fox and the Crow stories were always very clever and well written - usually by Hubie Karp, who penned our story today of a gifted Kangaroo.

Gorgeous stuff here from Mr. Davis, who had a flair for drawing comic-book action (like the panels in this story where Mr. Kangaroo introduces Crawford to the business-end of his foot)!

After the story today, kids, make sure you stick around and look at some beautiful advertisements that came from this same issue of Comic Calvalade. You will some some beautiful art there as well from Ray Thompson (of Fleer Dubble Bubble fame) and Win Mortimer!

Let's have a look at a wonderful public service announcement and two advertisements to close things out today.

Up first, a very sweet public service announcement, urging children to enjoy their summer, has some pitch-perfect artwork from Win Mortimer. The closing two ads all display the round, bouncy style of artist, Ray Thompson, who produced all the adventure-style advertisements staring the Fleer Dubble Bubble Kids throughout the 1950s. I love Mr. Thompson's work and wouldn't mind a collection of his advertising illustration. The last illustration included here is Mr. Thompson as well, "Junior Space Pilots On the Beam!"

Next time, let's visit with Sheldon Mayer and his characters Doodles Duck and Bo Bunny from this same issue!

I will see you all again very soon. Until then, I hope you are all warm, safe, and happy! --Your friend, Mykal


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    1. Me, too, Donnie. Always good to hear from you. Jim Davis' stuff is always so good, and I love sharing those great ads from Ray Thompson. Nearly all of his work was in advertising, and I think it wonderful. Here is a little info on him from Lambiek:

  2. Always great to see some Jim Davis artwork.
    I'm glad to see your blog is back!

    1. It's great to be back, Chuck! And thanks so much for stopping by! I love Davis' work myself and I'll post more ASAP!


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