Tuesday, January 25, 2022

J. Rufus Lion (and Ron Santi) Welcome to the Big Blog!

Hi, Kids! It’s a brisk morning here in South Florida, so let’s warm ourselves up with a post!

Today we have a real treat! Artwork and story from an artist making a first appearance on the Big Blog and previously unknown to me: Ron Santi. The Grand Comics Database puts a question mark behind the story and art attributions for this story, but after comparing this work to the scant examples that exist of Mr. Santi’s work, I believe the attribution is accurate.

I can find very little about Mr. Santi, who is forgotten today – not even bare, biographical information. What little I have managed to find came from my friend, Pappy, on his great blog, Pappy’s Golden Age of Comics Blogzine, which posted a Ron Santi story in 2012.

To see Pappy’s wonderful post about Mr. Santi, click HERE.

Our story today comes from Comics Cavalcade No. 58 (August-September 1953).

I like the artwork in this J. Rufus Lion story a great deal (another reason I believe this to be the work of Mr. Santi is that this character, J. Rufus Lion, is one of the few characters associated with his name). After reading this story and enjoying the artwork, I wish Mr. Santi were better remembered today.

Wasn't that fun, kids? I hope I can find more of Ron Santi's work in the future. Coming up next, why don't we return to the always friendly, sweet world of the Harvey Comics universe with some work from a couple of my all-time favorites, Warren Kremer and Howie Post.

I will see you all again very soon. Until then, I hope you are all warm, safe, and happy!

--Your friend, Mykal

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