Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Billy Goat in "Post No Bills"

So much great comic art and so many stories remain un-credited and will soon be forgotten as the cheap paper they are printed on returns to dust. Take this story, for example. I was reviewing this comic, which had been in a bag since forever, for a good story when the pages started to disintegrate in my hands. Quick, to the scanner before all is lost! As you can tell by the cover, I barely got it against the glass in time!

Despite my best efforts, I cannot discover the artist. Any help would be appreciated. The story is an excellent example of how to tell a 6 page comic book story. The plotting and pace are pitch perfect, the comedy is sharp, and in the end our hero, Billy Goat, remains undaunted and learns the art of poster hanging. This is from Fawcett’s Funny Animals No. 73, October, 1951. I’m very happy to share it. Just click the image for the big picture.


  1. A great little story. I'm not very familiar with Fawcett's comic (funny animal included) stuff, so this was a real treat. I love the Hippo policeman (when his cap flies off). This is an artist I wouldn't mind seeing more of. I hope you find out who he was Mykal.

  2. Hey, RE: I wanted to mention that hippo and forgot. Doesn't it seem correct somehow? A hippo being a policeman? There is just something about hippo that says beat cop. -- Mykal

  3. You have a gem in your hands! Thanks for sharing this! And from here, you have all my support to fight the devastating effects of time!
    I'm not well up in Fawcett's comics. Just I've seen digital copies, but it looks as if the artist of this story was the same on the "Champ" story published in Funny Animals #77 (it's easy to find it searching the Net) As you well say, it's a shame how these names fade away into oblivion--
    I like so much how Billy Goat works in graphic terms--
    Keep on it!

  4. Reminds me of the time a Cop reprimanded me for sitting underneath a 'No Loitering' sign at a strip mall. He asked me what my excuse was, and I replied: "What are you talking about ? I haven't thrown any garbage on the ground !"
    The bemused Officer said back: "Okay~ but you're guilty of being illiterate !" and explained to me between chuckles what loitering meant !!

  5. Gabriel: Dang, I wish I could find out for certain who this artist is, but there is a very good chance that there is no one alive to tell the tale.

    Lysdexicuss: that's a great story. I could see a hippo cop doing that. -- Mykal


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