Friday, October 16, 2009

The Hepcats in "The Wienie Bake"

The Hepcats had so much to teach us squares; like the official definition of words like “groovey” and “hassel.” I didn’t know those words were for the cool set in 1949, did you? You know what else is cool? Nearly all of the meat butchers in this brilliantly simple story are pigs. That’s just extra extra cool - and a bit unsettling if you think about it too long.

The art here is by kid comic giant, Jack Bradbury. His drawing and line work is the stuff legends are made of – fluid yet precise and always infused with a contagious sense of joy. His panels are compact and brimming with good stuff. Bradbury was a Disney man during the 30s; and during the 40s his stuff often appeared in Coo Coo Comics, Giggle Comics, and Ha Ha comics. His work is timeless, beautiful and iconic. This is from Ha Ha Comics, No. 67, August, 1949. The scans are from my own (rather over-read) comic.


  1. Had no idea you ran a blog too Mykal--- HURRAH!!! Good stuff my friend, adding you to my links.

  2. Karswell: Thanks very much and thanks for the support! -- Mykal

  3. I love the new blog!! The Hepcats are a great ska band, too. How about the Mod Squad? Do you have any of those?

  4. Hey PinkMonkey: Long time no see! Thanks for joining in. No Mod Squad yet, but I'll be on the lookout. -- Mykal


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