Monday, October 19, 2009

Hot Stuff in "The Weird Bullfighter"

Here’s a wonderful example of a typical outing for Hot Stuff, the Little Devil. What’s really cool about this is that the un-named bullfighter, while lacking nearly every, single asset important to the trade; simply declares himself a matador! Also, I love the way Hot Stuff, despite his wicked nature, gets himself involved in the plight of this marginal soul, seeing things through to the happy conclusion.

This story is a fine sampling of the charm of Harvey comics. It is also a good example of the elastic line work of the brilliant Howie Post, who did the art. Jeez, Post was fun to look at. There was always something in a Post drawing that made the chuckles come.

This is from Hot Stuff, The Little Devil, No. 86, October, 1968. The scans are from my own comic. Just click on the image for the big picture!

Just for fun, here’s an ad from the same issue. Man, I was so jealous of this kid with his own GRIT business. I never knew a single kid that ever sold GRIT newspapers, and I have never met anyone that ever read it. Still, that smiling kid always seemed like such a go-getter. If you have sold GRIT, or read it, please email me. I'd love to hear of your experience.


  1. Hot stuff is always great stuff!
    And you're absolutely right: Howie Post's is really a fine art! And funny mostly. This torero is above current conventions. It's hard to imagine one goin' to fight the toro with glasses. I like a lot this Mr. Magoo touch!
    By the way, I missed some Hot stuff story (or any Harvey story) in the recent "The Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics" despite all my favorite artists are in there--
    Well, maybe Craig Yoe's edition amends this "oversight"!

  2. Gabriel: Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, that bullfighter is just hysterical. Post had a knack.

    I couldn't agree more about Toon Treasury overlooking entirely Harvey Comics! I thought the book was magnificent, but c'mon! Not a single entry from Little Audrey, Little Dot, or Hot Stuff? Or Spooky or Richie Rich! What were they thinking? rest assured, over time, I will do what little I can to give Harvey their due!

    Plus, I would have paid a fortune for the Dark Horse editions of the Harvey comics if they had been in Hardback, with artist indexes! - Mykal

  3. this is so awesome! thanks mykal for creating this blog!!!!!!!!

  4. Brad! Mr. Toast sans butter! You know, considering your interests, I was about to shoot you an email in a shameless act of self promotion, but you've beaten me to the punch! Welcome aboard. This is going to be a riot! -- Mykal

  5. Yay! Harvey Comics! My favorite was Baby Huey but I loved them all. All the Harvey characters had compulsive obsessive disorders. Obsessed with food, dots, money, being liked, being scary, not wanting to be scary, etc...

    The worlds they lived in were odd and mysterious to me, like a weird dream or borderline nightmare.

  6. Keith: Baby Huey, eh? I'll consider that a request! My personal favorite was either Richie Rich or Spooky, or maybe Jumbo; but I loved them all. But you are right - the most obsessive was Little Dot!

    Yes, it was a strange world indeed. At times, it could be very starnge, particularily if Ernie Colon was the artist - he often drew the demonic, thick eyebrows and all the heavy shadows. -- Mykal

  7. This Hot Stuff's story drawn by Howard Post was published on the same year in which Howard Post was starting to produce the Dropouts comic strip for the newspapers (via United Media/United Feature Syndicate).


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