Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The first comics that I loved were Harvey comics. My allowance got me two comics (at 12¢ apiece). As I became a teen, I went Marvel – then DC. But life is a circle, and I will die a Harvey man.

These two stories are from Playful Little Audrey no. 69, April 1967. This first one is most likely the king of Harvey style, Warren Kremer. Those certainly look like Kremer backgrounds. It's a safe bet the cover is Kremer!

This second story, which is a grand look at computers before they went personal, is most likely Kremer as well; but has some Ernie Colon touches – primarily the adults seem Colon grownups. Colon was very good at working in the Kremer/Harvey style. The vast Harvey output remains largely un-indexed – a harsh reality I find hard to live with.


  1. i love it! Anything Harvey is guaranteed fun. They were mysterious and even nightmarish sometimes but always a joy.

  2. The first story was really cute, it had me guessing what was going to happen next! Audrey reminds me of a Kewpie doll!

  3. Jacque: As a boy, their was something sort of exotic about Audrey to me. She had such large, heavily done eyes. I have always found her terribly hard to draw as well. It's like drawing perfect ovals within ovals within ovals. I have heard the Harvey artists found Casper the hardest to draw. I think it's Audrey. It's hard not to make her look insane. -- Mykal


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