Saturday, February 27, 2010

RICHIE RICH No. 45, May 1966

When just a little comic book lover, I could lose myself staring at Richie Rich covers like this one by Warren Kremer, which were always gag cartoons about Richie’s lavish lifestyle. Richie so enjoyed his vast wealth. Who could blame him? I loved how unabashedly rich he was. The following three stories are from Richie Rich No. 45, May 1966.

When artist Sid Couchey was 14 he sent Walt Disney a letter in which he explained to Mr. Disney that his pencils were all sharpened and he was ready for employment. There is something of that brash innocence that infuses the following stories, all of which have the unmistakable Couchey touch.

Couchey had a wonderful sense of visual humor, and his drawings fit these funny stories to a tee. I just love the way Mrs. Rich is drawn in the first story, Driving Lessons.

This ad is from the same issue. I want this bad.


  1. the 1st story is cute & accurate: an engine really can be thrown from a vehicle if you put the tranny in reverse at high speeds~!

    the 2nd story: I would like to rent a Nurse like her for special Family events... I wonder, would Rodin be as famous if his Thinker was as positive as hers ?

    the 3rd story shows how scary Richie Rich can be when he is in full OCD mode. Man, if he doesn't grow up to be Darth Vader I'll be very surprised~!

    ps: great job on BB's new look ;~j

  2. Lysdexicuss: I loved that second story, particularily the part where the eagle kicks the party hat. Even Richie, a world-class optimist, yells in anger as the nurse throttles the scarecrow.

    Thanks for noticing about BB's look.

  3. Lysdexicuss: Oh, yeah. About RR's obsessive personality: Yeah, it was pretty much Richie's way or the highway. -- Mykal

  4. You and me both want that Pretzel Jetzel. Which ever one of us gets one 1st has to cook pretzels for the other.

  5. Mykal, I saw that you had posted this Richie Rich comic and I have been meaning to get back here to see it!! Richie Rich was one of my favorites, I loved that cartoon/comic thanks for posting this and bringing back some good memories.

    Ok, now on to the Pretzel Jetzel.
    First of all the mascot is fabulous!
    Why didn't they give him a name I wonder? He is too good to not have a name. This has to be the strangest thing I have ever seen. The name is bizarre and whose idea was it to come up with a pretzel making machine for kids? I mean unless they have a beer brewing kit for kids too, what is the point? Kids love pretzels? Since when? Ok I am done now. Thanks as always for the great posts!

  6. Brad: Ha! A beer making machine for kids! My guess is the Pretzel machine was an attempt to capitalize on the success of the Easy Bake Oven. In fact, the think looks like a converted Easy Bake. I bet they had the same enternals. -- Mykal

  7. Mykal,

    We cannot forget that Sid Couchey is very reminded to draw great part of the stories of Little Lotta and Little Dot on Harvey Comics.

  8. Hi. Could you kindly make it possible download these comics, please? Thanks. sujata.


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