Friday, October 22, 2010


Welcome to Frightful Frankenstein Friday; a Friday post in which we celebrate the release of Craig Yoe's Dick Briefer's Frankenstein! But, hey, we aren't alone in our cheering. After the story below check out the list of wonderful blogs and websites participating in the Dick Briefer celebration!

Dick Briefer drew two Frankensteins: One was serious, tender, and violently terrifying; done for the older kids. The other was drawn in a bigfoot, cartoony style that was pure fun (yet equally touching). I love Breifer's lighthearted version of the monster, the one that enjoyed smelling flowers and petting dogs. Whereas Shelly's creature is cursed by fate - a sensative, innocent brute crushed and twisted by hatred - Briefer's fun Frankenstein is a hulking pilgrim making his way in an ofttimes cruel world, protected by his innocence - sheltered always by a sweet nature. The following story comes from Frankenstein No. 1, 1945 and is included in Mr. Yoe's book.

Now, about Mr. Yoe's book, I'll keep this short and sweet: It is beautifully bound, has tons of peripheral Briefer artwork; and includes a great introduction by editor, Craig Yoe. The paper choice is perfect (non-shiny), and the artwork is wonderfully reproduced - giving each page the look of a real comic (this is standard for all Yoe Books!). It lays flat, and it's stuffed with 148 pages of beautiful art and stories, mixing the two Frankensteins (menacing and funny) about evenly. Yep, this one gets the Big Blog Tip Top recommendation; and at under $15.00, it's an incredible bargain! Was there anything else you needed to know? In case you missed it the first time, here's the LINK again!

Want more celebration? Heck yes! Here is a list of great blogs and websites, all celebrating the publication of this wonderful book. Please do as I have done! Check out each and every one! Just click on the name!

Finally, here's Craig and his lovely daughter, Valissa, promoting Dick Briefer's Frankenstein at the recent New York Comic Con!


  1. you rock mykal--and u chose a great briefer story--you have such good taste. valissa and i are so honored to be on your blog, yo!

  2. Craig and Valissa: The pleasure is certainly all mine!

  3. Love Briefer's Frankie...kudos to Craig Yoe for spotlighting this stuff and kudos for all the blogs which helped in getting the word out.

  4. Fabulous stuff. He draws such funny thumbs!

  5. David; I love the way he does hands and feet!


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