Monday, December 28, 2009

Fox and the Crow in -
"Flat Broke" and "New York Ticket"

This will finish up the Fox and the Crow stories from Real Screen Comics No. 38, May 1951. Jim Davis offered any aspiring cartoonist an education in every panel. You can practically feel his characters move and live, jumping right off the page into tactile life. Not for nothing, the script for this title was uniformly brilliant. Judging from the time frame, the words here were most likely provided by Hubie Karp. All scans are from my own comic

This ad is from the same issue. I cannot adequately put into words my love for this ad. When I was young, my father always took our family to the annual “Boat Show.” Then as now, boats produce tears of boredom. But a Shoe Show? Now you’re talking! This was the year they unveiled The Skipper!


  1. I can't think of any English words to describe how much I love these Fox an Crow comics. I will make some up: Fantasnazical. Zazamariffickus.

  2. KW: I couldn't agree more! sparkeloucious! -- Mykal

  3. Ah, at least when it comes to Real Screen Comics, I've actually got a small stack of those babies.

    Funny stuff!

  4. Lysdexicuss: Wonderwowaphonic for sure!

    Chuck: Cool!

    Thanks, gentlemen! -- Mykal

  5. $7.95 for a pair of Skippers! Holy Soley that's a kick in the head.
    Both F&C stories are good, but the first is my fave.
    I've notice how much the color red is used... which is good. Jim Davis puts so much dynamic energy into these characters...they vibrate with energy (for Foxy,it's anger). I love it whenever Crow is excited or inspired and his hat flies off while his ever present cheroot drops down out of his beak.
    Thanks Mykal
    Fox & Crow is splendiretincredible

  6. "Fox & Crow is splendiretincredible"

    RE: Ooooh, good one!

  7. As much as I love the art on Fox & Crow, I mostly find the scripts only semi-funny -- and at times not funny at all. But, I guess enjoying half of the stories is better than none at all. Oddly enough, I've got a nice stack of F&C and Real Screen books.

  8. Gary: I like them, but sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for Fox. Karp was pretty clever, though, and every now and then he'd have Fox really give it to Crow. -- Mykal

  9. now that's what i call a "really big shoe"...

  10. Showing your age, prof., with that Sullivan reference. Oops, so am I for getting it! -- Mykal

  11. My favorite title. I'm closing in on having a full run of REAL SCREEN, and I have a nice stack of FOX & CROW and FLIPPITY & FLOP.


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